A Day In The Life Of A Knitting Duck…

   As a teenager, I was a tomboy. I didn’t want anything to do with being crafty, or sewing. I like working with my hands, and I didn’t like to be indoors. So then my Mom started to teach us sewing and needle arts. I decided if I have to learn, I would learn needle art, because it was easy to lug outside. 

  Also, I was stuck with a nickname that reflected my tomboyish tendency. I walked into the bathroom to find my sister struggling to change the old wooden toilet seat for a new one. She was having trouble figuring out how to take the old one off. I walked in needing to have her fix it quickly so I could use the faculties. I quickly removed the old seat, and replaced it. Her response “I cannot do this sort of thing, I am a girl.” My response was “What am I a Duck?” And thus whenever my technically challenged family had a problem they would yell “I need a Duck.” So, I became the knitting Duck. 


Now I am no longer at my families home. I am learning how to start using these talents as way to create, and help my family. All the while being a home maker, and wife. So here I plan to post my accomplishments, failures, and things I learn along the way. I hope you will join me on some of these adventures. 

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