Frozen Upon A Time completion.

Yarn is my weakness. My kryptonite. Especially soft, squishy yarn, that I can bury my face in to stay warm in the cold winter.


It has already gotten below freezing here for several days straight. Yup, so I have hid inside and watched Netflix movies,Specifically “Once Upon A Time.” So when I saw that Rachel at Unraveled Designs made this lovely mystery knit along, themed after the show. I jumped on the cable, and started knitting. This was my first mystery knit along, and I enjoyed. Though, I was mostly behind the entire way.


So once I finished the knitting today, my son and I, ran outside for a Freezing moment, and snapped a few pictures. As I type this I am wearing the mitts, and cowl simply because they are a that delicious.

Knitting in the early morning calm
Knitting in the early morning calm


So without further ado, go buy some yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool. The Lorna’s Laces brand wool, and start knitting this wonderful warmth. Don’t forget to tell them Whitney Creath sent you so that I can get a referral credit and keep knitting myself into a snowball, to make winter here more fun.

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