Scripture Memory Hearts…



Scripture memory is important. For everyone. But it isn’t always easy. So, I am starting to work on some ways to make it more fun, touchable, and beautiful. Making God’s word, taste, see, and beautiful is part of our calling right?

Today, I created this printable PDF for us to use.

Print of the hearts, use pretty colored ink pens, and add your favorite verses. Mix up and have the kids put them in order.

Put them in order, and take words away, and see if you can still say the verse.

There are all kinds of fun options with this Scripture Hearts PDF.

I know Momma, its one more thing to do.

However, this benefits more than just your kids. Make a beautiful peaceful space, and as you are writing the scriptures, meditate on it. Let God apply his word as a healing balm to your heart, as you prepare to minister to your kids hearts. Below is a picture of my pretty space. Just a corner of my table, very recently cleared of breakfast dishes, and schooling. (those breakfast dishes, are calling, but for now, I am letting my heart rest, as I prepare the scripture hearts for our encouragement, and God’s glory.)

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

I need to find a pretty way to display these, but for now this works. Just in putting it up two of the kids, read it. Yay!

FullSizeRender 11


Kitchen Tips for Young Families…



Make a plan…

Wether it is,

Plan A Bullet Journaling…

Plan B Free Printable Menu planning sheets

Or Plan C

A Chalk Board Menu

All of these planning options give you place to start a list items of items you need from the store. As well as a place to start budgeting, and saving. We use YNAB (You. Need A. Budget) to help keep track of our budget.

Also, I have found this this PDF of average food cost helpful. As we allocate monies for our grocery budget.


Bubble Wrap Baby Hat… (reversible)

IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025While on trip to D.C, I had lots of hours in the car to knit. I am in the process of making a lot of very classic cuffed baby hats to donate. I was getting tired of the same old pattern. So I decided to try a new one. However with poor cell reception in places, I ended up making up my own pattern.

Here it is…

Bubble Wrap Reversible Baby Hat.

Yarn – Baby Bee Sweet Delight

Sport weight

Needles size 2-3 circular needle size 2 or 3 double point needle

Section 1

Cast On 72

Rows 1-21 work in 2X2 ribbing. Pattern as follows Knit 2, Purl 2.

Section 2

Knit 5 rows

Section 3

Purl 2, Knit 2 around.

Section 4

knit around.

Section 5

Knit 2, Purl 2

Repeat sections 2-5 until measures 8″ from cast on edge.

Section 6 – crown shaping.

*Knit 1, ssk, knit 13, knit2tog. Repeat from * 3 times.

Knit 1 row

The above is your crown decrease move to double pointed needles as you need.

Once you have decreased to 16 stitches, cut working yarn using a tapestry, thread through last 16 stitches, and pull tight.

Weave in ends.

The Gift Bag That Keeps On Giving…

Until recently we lived with 6 people in a two bedroom house. We knew moving in that it would be a temporary place. Realizing I would have major space limitations. I had to get really creative. One of those ways included forgoing the traditional gift wrap, and tissue paper bin. You know that place where you put all the re-gifted gift bags. Only hoping you will have a place to use it that doesn’t know it is second hand.

Well, in my search for ways to still give beautiful well loved gifts, I discovered the magical gift bag. Yes, it is Once Upon A Time, epic kinda of magic. 🙂

You just need a touch of this…


A pinch or two of color. The choice depends on the poison, er uh, I mean theme of your choice…


Combine all ingredients…


You might have to play around with the mixture. But be sure to take precaution. After all “All magic come with a price”


Once your done, personalize your magic so it goes directly to the person you are aiming for.

And ta da… You have the perfect reusable gift bag, and it doesn’t take up room. And you don’t have to worry about re-gifting. It keeps on gifting. Kinda like the energizer bunny. And that is my kind of magic!


Below is one that I made to hold adorable, baby shower gift.

IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139

Silas sweater…

IMG_6722It is official! I love, and highly recommend this sweater pattern.


Okay having such a handsome model doesn’t hurt either 😉

I made this sweater over the summer with plans for it to be a Christmas gift. However we made a last minute decision to head south and visit family for the holidays. Which meant that some of the planned Christmas gifts were held over for birthdays. So here is the birthday boy modeling his Silas sweater. Probably won’t be able to wear it long now, but I can always put it in storage for the next little man in line.

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